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The Design Crunch
How much do you spend on marketing?
How to get the most out of your marketing budget
Knowing the answer before the question
Maximising the Digital channel through Twitter
Great body, shame about the face!
Why choose a regional agency?
Why Search Marketing?
Is your blog adding value?
Innovation & Your Business
The Future of Article Marketing
Broaden Your Marketing Appeal
Putting Your Client First
What's in the Fee?
Google Personalised Search
NHS Marketing communications – Becoming customer focused?
Lack of effective communications is losing the war!
The Pareto principle
How to integrate your marketing and grow your business!
Innovate marketing or die!
Who owns your company?
Will Copenhagen Climate Summit make a difference?
Social Change and the Marketing Industry
Changing social attitudes towards sustainability
marketing channel future
An SEO Breakdown (part 1): Link Building
Happy Christmas!
SEO doesn't have to take a long time…
Can't afford a professional SEO campaign just yet?
5 steps to overthrowing Google!
What does 2010 hold for the UK?
Our top predictions for 2010
2010 how is your marketing strategy going to cope?
How will the increase in VAT effect us in 2010?
New Years Eve
Happy New Year
How does business take advantage of social media in 2010?
Marketing in a turbulent environment
Are we coming out of recession?
The role of brand management in a recession
Why good design is critical to business success
Explaining the difference between sustainability and environmental
Choosing the right social network channels for your business
Why free pitching is immoral
The latest on Google Caffeine
Social Media and the Public Sector
An improving Alexa Ranking does not indicate success!
Who owns your company? And what is the most important part of your business?
Bill Gates has joined Twitter, but how can non-celebrities build a successful following?
Should PageRank be used as a guarantee during the pitching process?
The challenges facing brands in 2010
The end of Twitter?
Recession, what recession?
Breadcrumbs are more important than ever!
How to create a sustainable marketing differential advantage
Developing capability to survive the recession: Investing in skills and training
What’s in a colour?
How can design differentiate your product and deliver competitive advantage?
Can service enhancements deliver competitive advantage?
Google introduces ‘Click-to-Call’ numbers in mobile ads
Why the iPad might just be a success, despite the initial rumblings
1.4 Billion Tweets are scheduled for February
Are you a brand leader or manager?
Does your brand have any value?
4 things to remember when developing a brand strategy
Developing a brand identity
Getting to know your customers
Top tips for customer segmentation
Why customer service is critical to brand articulation
Starbucks has tripled its profit, so what does this tell us about our spending habits?
Do you understand Marketing strategy?
Do you know your 4 P’s?
Do you have an effective marketing management system?
Google encourages British Businesses Online
Do you know your business?
How do you know which products to back?
Visualising the business of product portfolios
Outsourcing Business: When do you need help?
Transparency is the key to success when it comes to SEO
Google is NOT losing it's grip over the Internet
Twitter's Promoted Tweets: Are they a good idea?
New iPhone? Or was it?
What impact has the televised political debate had and how does this affect the political parties strategies?
Protecting Your Brand
How sticky is your website?
Political debate: A problem with the message?
Birmingham Design Agencies
Birmingham Design
Marketing innovation
Is Birmingham a creative centre of excellence?
Is the Birmingham Creative Industry too fragmented?
Magical Trevor - where is he now?
Gordon Brown's Gaff: When leaders make mistakes
The cradle of Civilisation: What happens when Greece goes bump?
Learning from your marketing?
Marketing your way out of a recession
Environmental impact on business strategy
Green jobs and low carbon economy for Birmingham?
Birmingham’s business landscape
Do you use guerrilla advertising?
Got a website? What next?
Why your business can't ignore Facebook anymore
Creative use of Digital Marketing
How long will DMOZ last?
Has Google got too much time on its hands?
Why is your web content so important to Google?
Suffering in Google? Maybe you have duplicate content issues
HTML 5 & CSS 3
Apple surpasses Microsoft to become largest technology company
Google TV: Just how will it change things?
How will the domain improve Twitter?
Can inbound links hurt your site?
If you're not being sociable online, you're missing out
What is ambush marketing?
How can I get Google to include sitelinks within my listing?
Google on link building
Will email disappear because of Facebook?
Microsoft Bing challenges Google to become search giant
Just how good is your Facebook page?
The Times & The Sunday Times now charging for their content
Google teams up with Metaweb to enhance it's search facility
Are we seeing the new, greener Google?
How has Starbucks become the most popular brand on Facebook?
What's in a Photo-shoot?
The problems with design in Birmingham
Ad of the Week: Philips Carousel Commercial
Zulu helps Birmingham innovate with the new Green Restaurant Awards
Ad of the Week: Milenio
Ad of the Week: TVA Digital
Birmingham Road Safety – Now you see em, now you don’t
Zulu helps Bilston Bloom
Ad of the Week: Pictures and Words
Birmingham Recycling & Reuse Maps
Introducing Birmingham Drug & Alcohol Action Team
BDAAT Drugs Quiz: How high can you score?
Ad of the Week: Ambient Media
Volkswagen embraces mobile apps to showcase new car features
How do people in the UK spend their time online?
Google experimenting with algorithms
Google to roll out live updating results?
Ad of the Week: Made You Look
Have you used the great features on Google Realtime yet?
Ad of the Week: On The Buses
Ad of the Week: Billboards
Ad of the Week: Love and Hate
Ads of the Week: Size Does Matter!
Countdown to launch of Diaspora
A few words of advice from a former Dragons Den investor
An unbelievable example of HTML5 in action
Ad of the Week: Fight in the Arctic
Google +1 Button is a success
Ad of the Week: Environmental Adverts
Are you making the most out of LinkedIn?
PwC Rebrands to differentiate itself
Have you had enough of Twitter?
The importance of location on the web
Ad of the Week: Naughty But Nice
Google releases new SEO Starter Guide
Facebook ‘Likes’ replace Google PageRank
Is the ‘blue arrow’ a good addition to Google Instant?
Another reason why URL shorteners may cause Twitter problems
Ad of the Week: Something Simple
Apps hold the key to future efficiencies
Lets have an app for Birmingham!
When times are tough, its critical you make the right choices!
Effective marketing in tough times
What can marketing do for Birmingham Business?
Networking in Birmingham
The importance of networking and building contacts
Birmingham Design Agencies
What is a Marketing Agency?
Ad of the Week: The Written Word
Facebook changes the social media space again
Ad of the Week: Bag for Life
Ad of the Week: Transport
Ad of the Week: Come Fly With Me!
Twitter set to launch new web analytics tool
Google+ opens to the public - but will it be a success?
Does your design and marketing agency spend time getting to know your business?
Developing a strategic approach towards marketing
How well do you know your customers?
What is cloud technology and what can it do for your business?
Ad of the Week: Food for Thought
Ad of the Week: Logo Schmogo
Beware of Doppelganger domains when registering your web address
So colour's, colour right?
How important is a logo to a company?
Ad of the Week: Off The Wall
Twitter is a pencil. Facebook is Photoshop.
What will the future hold for Twitter?
Who will win the X-Factor?
Birmingham cutting back
Ad of the Week: Don't get shirty with me!
An amicable relationship for the Chinese Government and Google?
Google Editions is set to launch this month
Changes to the Google search listings explained
Google V Facebook: Let the battle commence!
Jolitics: A new type of social network
Google Chrome OS released today?
Ad of the Week: What you looking at?
Zulu helps Birmingham Road Safety Partnership secure Prince Michael International Road Safety Award
Global domination starts with local success
The Google Zeitgeist 2010 is out now!
Is Birmingham communicating its brand effectively through design?
Keep free pitching out of Birmingham!
How has search changed over the last decade, and what will it become?
Proofing and Dummies (Samples)
Ad of the Week: Keeping It Real
Ads of the Week: Less Is More
The importance of a good relationship with suppliers
Prioritising is key to budget control
Our approach to social media
What is our experience of managing Social Media campaigns?
How do we work with clients to setup a social media strategy, implement it and initiate training?
What are the benefits of entering social media now rather than in the next 6-12 months?
What can we expect from HTML5 and CSS3?
The importance of your name
Ad of the Week: Take a closer look
ICANN opens up domain names
Twitter looks set to launch its advertising platform in the coming weeks
Domain Names – Do you own yours?
Internet Explorer 6 Sucks
Zulu supports Hugh's Fish Fight
Steve Jobs – is he Apple?
Ad of the Week: You havin a laugh?
The Evolution of Web Technologies
Ads of the Week: Talking Heads!
Does your link building strategy revolve around blog commenting?
Ad of the Week: Word On The Street
Twitter and Facebook don't send as much traffic to your website as Google
Ad of the Week: Word On The Street (Part II)
Super Bowl XLV & Terrible Towels
Ad of the Week: Top of the Pops!
Ads of the Week: Next Stop...
Last Minute Valentine's Day gifts
iPad 2 – The next generation, cue Star Trek music!
Will Apple take the whole forbidden fruit idea to the next level?
Ad of the Week: Now thats magic!
Ads of the Week: 'Stoim?
Facebook Page issues clear the way for Google+ Business Pages
How social media can bring down states and what it could do to your business
Can social media change peoples' lives?
Ad of the Week: Its Just A Box
Google Punishes Content Farms with New Algorithmic Change
Understand exactly how your brand is portrayed in real-time
How many small businesses recognise the benefits of advertising through Facebook?
Do you need a Marketing Agency?
Need some marketing help?
Ad of the Week: Anti-Smoking
How does the Google 'Panda' algorithm update effect the future of SEO?
Do you need a web company to help you win online?
Ad of the Week: It's A Date!
'Where's Tom' search ends in success
Are you looking for a local design agency?
How to improve the performance of your website
If manufacturing is at the heart of the economic recovery, then good design and marketing must lead the way!
Ad of the Week: Chill Out!
Well that's a little bit disappointing Twitter…
Ad of the Week: Going Up!
2012, the year of social engagement
Google introduces 'Search plus Your World'
Ad of the Week: His & Hers
Check out our updated portfolio of work
Google launches its Social Layer with +1 Button
Just how popular is Twitter in London?
Where will fit into the web environment?
Zulu launches it's new Facebook Page
Ad of the Week: Stop the Press!
Ditch print media, join the online revolution
The Google Zeitgeist gets better each year
Is Birmingham still a place to do business?
Is a Birmingham agency managing your social media presence?
Zulu becomes Highly Rated Recommended Agency on the 'Recommended Agency Register' (RAR)
Ad of the Week: Play Your Cards Right
Ads of the Week: Jingle All The Way!
I'll give you one good reason why your business needs to use social media
Are you accessible via Social Media channels?
Ad of the Week: Big is Beautiful
Ads of the Week: Seeing Things Before They Get Dangerous!
New-look Twitter is launched with brand pages
Ad of the Week: Stop, Look and Listen!
Top Search Terms of The Year
Twitter showcases some incredible stories
Social Media: Just idle chit-chat?
Ad of the Week: The Truth Is Out There!
John Lewis builds its own virtual QR store
How will you be doing your Christmas Shopping this year?
Ads of the Week: Censorship
Ad of the Week: Absolut Ads
Ads of the Week: Double Take
Ad of the Week: Little & Large
Ads of the Week: Kissy Kissy!
Facebook Privacy Issues
Google: Under The Hood
Ad of the Week: Ice, Ice Baby!
More Google+ integration in Google Search
Google reaches one billion visitors in a single month
How do people use social media across the globe?
It's about time we embraced QR codes
Ad of the Week: MasterChef!
Ads of the Week - Those were the days!
Ads of the Week: You've reached your destination
Are you monitoring your Social Media activity?
Is Google+ likely to change the world the way Facebook did?
Facebook Fatigue? Should Facebook be worried?
Has Twitter fallen out with Google over realtime search?
Ad of the Week: Who's Your Logo!
The official word from Google: SEO is not spam
The Steve Jobs Biography
Ad of the Week: Who's Your Logo! (Part 2)
Ads of the Week: Oh I Say!
Two's company, four's a crowd
Ad of the Week: Say What You See!
Ads of the Week - Something for the weekend Sir?
How's your business looking?
Managing Corporate Twitter Accounts
How much potential does Google+ have?
Ads of the Week: Failed Logos
Zulu MD features in KPMG Alumni Magazine
Business Command Seminar (2): Decision Making
Business Command Seminar (1): Leadership
Zulu MD interviewed about survival strategy
Hellraiser joins the Zulu team
Another Midlands marketing account win for Zulu
Fighting Fire with Fire
Ads of the Week: Film 2012
Suppliers - What they're all about!
Zulu appointed as Corporate Travel's new agency!
Ads of the Week: Lego Characters
Ads of the Week: Street Art
Ads of the Week: Movie Posters
Ads of the Week: Oreo Cookies
Tippex - Best Viral Video Ever!
Ads of the Week: Top Ten Health & Fitness Ads
Ads of the Week: Probably The Best Top Ten Drinks Ads Ever!
Why is design and marketing so different in the Midlands?
Working with the MOD (Ministry of Defence)
Ads of the Week: I'm the Candy Man!
Ads of the Week: Timed to Perfection
How to Create a Poll using Google+
From Battlefield To Boardroom
Ads of the Week: Toys R Us
Cheshire PCT Drug & Alcohol Action Team appoint midlands web agency, Zulu Creative.
Ads of the Week: Improv Everywhere
Ads of the Week: Impact Advertising
Ads of the Week: The Top 5 Most Sexist Ads
Ads of the Week: Smartie Pants
Ads of the Week: The Top 10 Student Ads
West Midlands Road Safety launches new brand
Ads of the Week: The Top 10 Olympic Ads
Ads of the Week: Sporty Little Numbers
Ads of the Week: Now Thats What I Call Funny Ads 1
ZULU's MD featured in Soldier Magazine's Book of the Month
Ads of the Week: The Complete Package
Ads of the Week: The Great Outdoors
The Ultimate Ladies Slimming Advert
Ads of the Week: Weight Watchers
Ads of the Week: Cannes Winners
Does Social Media Confuse You?
James Bond: Skyfall does Heineken
Free Levis with Twitter
Angry Birds takes on the Galactic Empire - Official Stars Wars Trailer
The Lux Magical Shower Room
The Mini Golf Open - Improv Everywhere
Ads of the Week: Did You Know...
Is your business being social?
Cadbury Screme Eggs Halloween Ads - They're Here!!
Top 10 Halloween Ads
Ads of the Week: The Pumpkin King
Obama v Romney - The Story So Far!
Legal Highs: Legally Killing
Fake Prostitute - Red Light District Tour
Ads of the Week: Life in 5 Seconds
Magic Waterfall Swing
Ads of the Week: Luck Dip
The importance of design to the economy
Getting the right skills for your business
Is Birmingham still a place for innovation?
Is your business mobile?
The Greatest Christmas Ads Ever!
Bud Light Hilarious Christmas Beer Commercial
Motrin Ibuprofen - Broke Back Shopper
The Best Anamorphic Illusion ever.
How Birmingham can support home-grown innovation
The Greatest Christmas Ads Ever - Volume 2
Is your business in shape for 2013?
Zulu featured on Midlands Business News website
Lord Heseltine scheme a springboard for the Midlands
Zulu works with the city's premier cinema to bring the Royal Opera House to Birmingham.
Ads of the Week: Valentines Day Special
How Zulu uses turn-key working to unlock the doors to success
How Google Search Works - Infographic
Being the Right Spoke in a Company's Wheel
When the office is more trouble than it’s worth
New 'Horizons' see's SARC service launch for the West Midlands

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