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Pure Protein are an exciting new Sports Supplement brand providing premium sports nutrition and training support to anyone looking to increase their health and fitness within the UK. 

The brand range encompasses premium grade 100% whey only protein powders, taking a unique approach in the market by offering a very focused and specific product range targeted at the three key areas; PURE GAIN - for those wishing to add muscle bulk and size; PURE LEAN - for general sports enthusiasts and gym users wishing to develop lean muscle or those looking to lose weight as a diet aid or meal replacement and PURE FUEL - delivering energy and endurance performance for distance and stamina sports such as running, cycling, swimming etc. In support of these are a range of Creatines & Fat Burner Tablets.

Zulu were approached by Pure Protein to develop their complete brand, encompassing the design of the identity and the subsequent brand packing and full website design and marketing. The identity emphasises the words ’UR’ as a graphic icon from the overall name Pure, reflecting the key USP of the Pure Range that it is free from artificial emulsifiers and fillers and uses only natural flavours. Based on market research conducted on gym users and sports members, the packaging design emphasised the products flavour with it’s corresponding key colour making it simple and easy to select, whilst supported by the underlying scientific design that each product is unique for. All information on the labelling was made simple and easy to read, with no hidden elements allowing customers to be completely confident in their purchase.

The website design needed to incorporate several engagement points, the first was clear and easy product signposting to make the purchase journey as easy as possible with information readily at hand for the customer at each stage. The second element of the site provides training tips, diet advice and support. This utilises a blog, video tutorials and training programs. The third element is a specialist personal trainer and coaching area allowing users wishing to build their fitness levels to find a personal trainer in their area through to someone looking to increase their badminton skill and require a one to one coach.

Having only recently launched in September of 2014 the brand has seen a huge uptake and looks to become a significant presence within the health and fitness sports nutrition market.