NHS Birmingham CrossCity CCG

Shape Your NHS

  • NHS Shape Your NHS Poster

Amongst doctors' surgeries, hospital wards and community groups competition to grab the public's attention is hotly contested. We were asked to design a poster which stood out over the rest.

The campaigns objective is was to raise questions, open discussion and attain feedback on how local health services are delivered and perceived. 

The NHS is led by doctors and nurses who want to make the best decisions for their patients. Making sure they work together to develop the best health services and improve people’s health and quality of life. The CCG hold regular events across the city, giving a chance for communities to express their views on what matters to them.

The poster needed to convey a sense of community with people from all walks of life making a difference. We developed a series of illustrated characters to capture this broad remit, all working together to shape the service. The jet black posters with yellow copy stood out dramatically againt the normal blue and white NHS posters and have seen great success in attendance at each of the meetings.