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Heantun Brand Identity

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  • Heantun Housing Compliment Slip

With various subsidiary organisations operating from within the Heantun Group, it was essential for each brand to relate back to the parent company, and indeed, to each other.

The Heantun Group, Heantun New Bilston, Heantun Care and Heantun Housing brands all previously had unrelated identities but following the work Zulu carried out, the brands can now  be seen as relative. Each logo comprises a building block whose final piece is in the process of being added into place. This concept relates back to the building projects (in both the physical and metaphorical sense) which the Heantun Group continues to contribute to society.

The juxtaposition of the smooth and square corners communicate Heantun's soft, corporate flexibility which is evident in the delivery of their projects. 

The colour schemes which have been chosen for the Heantun brands not only built on their existing brands, but also offer further separation between each subsidiary.

Inline with all of our branding projects, Zulu also produced marketing collateral including compliment slips and letter heads.