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Heantun Childcare is a subsidiary of the Heantun Group. The organisation provides childcare services through nurseries which offer a safe, secure and welcoming environment that supports and encourages all aspects of a child's well-being and development.

Heantun asked us to play with some crayons and develop a brand that was uniquely Childcare but still part of the overarching Heantun Group branding. It was decided very early on that in order to stand out in such a competitive arena, Heantun Childcare needed a strong brand leader, which no other nursery had. Looking at various competitors, animals were clearly the front runner to grab childrnes attention, but how do you pick one animal over the other? Some people love monkey's but others love bears.....what about a lovable fox.

The research showed that something altogether different was needed, this led to us developing a generic character that could appeal to both both and girls, where the character could be a little bit cheeky but also show reading, arithmetic and exercise as a positives activities, encouraging the children to be like 'Pip'. The characters name was also selected to be as generic as possible not identifying one gender over the other.

The development of the 'Pip' character led onto posters showing them doing the various activites in the releavnt zones of each nursery, with suggestions of merchandising to spread awareness to a much wider audience proposed via car sun shades and pump bags.