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Careers in Psychiatry

  • Introduction to a career in psychiatry

Psychiatry over the last 15 years has faced significant challenges within the West Midlands with not enough Doctors coming through the rotation scheme, leaving vacant posts and NHS trusts struggling to recruit. This has been in a large part to the poor image Psychiatry has within the medical profession.

Zulu were asked to provide a series of short films which helped break this stereotype and show people what a hugely rewarding and fulfilling career psychiatry really is. After conducting a series of focus groups and talking to leading psychiatric consultants within each specialism across the West Midlands, the following films were produced. With a final film that gives an introduction to psychiatry which leads into each specialism, CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services), Forensic, General Adult, Learning Disability, Liaison and Old Age Psychiatry.

Old Age Psychiatry


General Adult Psychiatry


Forensic Psychiatry


Liaison Psychiatry


CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services)


Learning Disability Psychiatry


Careers in Psychiatry and its Specialisms