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The Eton Fudge Shop is located in the beautiful and historical town of Eton. Being a new company, the shop had a fantastic presence on the high street and already had regular local celebrities buying their fudge.

Eton Fudge Shop makes fresh traditional fudge, they don't use any colourings or artificial flavourings and all the unique recipes are made using only natural ingredients.

All the fudge at Eton Fudge Shop is made on the premises, in front of the customers, offering a wide range of delicious flavours. These include Eton Mess, Peanut Butter and everyone’s favourite Clotted Cream Vanilla.

This very traditional approach to production needed to be reflected in the website design and also capture the rustic, homely packaging which lends itself to the natural, quality approach that Eton Fudge produces with all it's fudge.