Corporate Travel Plus

CTP Brand Architecture

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  • Corporate Travel Plus Stationery

Corporate Travel Plus is an independent travel management company that specialises in effective, efficient and stress-free business travel provision. Providing a huge range of services from Air Travel to Passport and Visa procurement with the end focus always firmly on the customer.

Zulu were asked to create a new brand identity which delivered this all encompassing service delivery, the new identity needed to include stationery but also a website. 

We spent time getting to know their business to better understand where they sat amongst their competitors and what they did that differentiated them from the rest of the competition. From this a brief was drawn up and agreed and Zulu got to work.

From Beck’s 1931 innovative map of the London underground travellers have become used to the simple information graphic treatment of complex journeys. This design picks up on the very best of innovative travel design, reflecting the journeys that people make everyday by land, sea and air, illustrating the journey path through simple graphics.

The Corporate Travel Plus logo reflects the different nature, routes and choices that individual travellers make, it accentuates the positive (+) plus nature of the bespoke service that they offer whilst providing a rich colour palette for accentuating key corporate and travel information.

The brand was them applied across a range of stationery and its key concept implemented into the design of the website.