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When Birmingham Public Health approached Zulu, their remit for the delivery of the site was to produce a site that not only employed a range of functionality but was deisgned to be engaging for both the public and professional alike. 

The site needed a robust and very easy to use content management system which required very little in the way of support and also was flexible enough to expand as Public Health grew.

The design was purposefully produced to look unlike any other council site, suing vibrant colours and simple illustrations. The site has a large database tied to a live maps function allowing any user to find a range of key services from Needle Exchange Pharmacies to Sexual Health Services. An interactive Events calendar displays all health related events within the city and there is an entire E-Learning section where users can register and undertake a test to be invited for further education in drug treatment.

Birmingham Public Health addresses five core mandatory public health functions which are:

  1. Appropriate access to sexual health services
  2. Ensuring there are plans in place to protect the health of the population, including immunisation and screening plans
  3. Ensuring NHS commissioners (Clinical Commissioning Groups or CCGs) receive the public health advice they need
  4. The National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP)
  5. NHS Health Check assessments.

As part of this the Birmingham Public Health department within the council is to:

  • Improve the Public's health in Birmingham
  • Deliver mandatory public health functions, especially closer working with the NHS
  • Ensure the public health allocation is used effectively and efficiently
  • Maximise the public health impact within the council
  • Help the council to negotiate its future challenges.