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After the successful launch of the ‘Picture this campaign’ the Mortgages Collections Team asked for a team re-branding. They liked the approach of being team focused and reflecting the contribution the individual made to the department’s overall success.

We developed the concept to explore the person beyond the work place looking at what makes each individual unique and establish the inner qualities that made the team tick.

We asked each member of staff to identify something special about themselves, it could be an unusual hobby, a party piece or something no one else within the team might know. We then took a select few and created large unique illustrations based on a slightly pop art style to capture their special talent. The posters were placed on the large pillars and wall spaces throughout the department. The bright colours and simple, eye catching illustrations really caught the teams imagination and led to 5 follow on campaigns.

Each member of staff also got to keep their own special print of their illustration as a reward for agreeing to be part of the campaign, showcasing the special team ethos that Birmingham midshires encourage within their departments.