Birmingham Drug & Alcohol Partnership

Drug Advertising Campaign

  • BDAAT Killer Cocktail Poster
  • BDAAT Legal Highs Poster
  • BDAAT Know the Score Poster
  • BDAAT Drug Posters

The Drug and Alcohol Partnership for the city has a huge remit, and while treatment is a key delivery for users, prevention is always the main driver. An advertising campaign was neede to go into all the pubs and clubs across Birmingham, the campaign needed to look part of a suite but with each one delivering a different message.

The 3 posters were to target the dangers of mixing drugs and drink, rasing awareness to the very real dangers of legal highs and finally to challenge the reader to what level of real knowledge they have regarding drugs and alcohol.

There were 2 key issues with communicating this campaign; 
1. How to make the posters grab peoples attention 
2. How to get the reader to enage with the poster

The solution to the first problem was to utilise bright day glow flourescent paper for the background of the posters, this caught everyones attention when they first entered the bars or toilet areas. The solution to the second problem was to use very simple, fresh graphic illustrations to highlight each posters message whilst providing a QR Code on each poster which with a quick scan added the contact details of the Drug & Alchohol Partnership to the users phone.