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The Birmingham Control Centre is one of Europe’s leading hubs for security and alarm monitoring. Established in 1999, The Birmingham Control Centre has over thirty years of public security experience. With an extensive network of hundreds of CCTV cameras right across Birmingham, and co-located with West Midlands Police, they deliver security, reassurance, and rapid response to both the public and private sector.

The Problem

The Birmingham Control Centre was established by Birmingham City Council in 1999 and so the service had no identity of it’s own and no digital presence aside from a few single pages on different public sector bodies sites. 

Historically the control centre has provided security services to just public and third sector organisations, but with a change in structure and fresh new outlook on the service the private sector has now become a key target and with this new direction a much more engaging presence where all the services can be seen in one place.

The Solution

Zulu were engaged to provide a brand identity and website that could launch the new service and support the businesses new progressive and modern direction.

After meeting the team and visiting the impressive facilities in the city centre, it was clear that they had a lot to offer and a lot of history and expertise to back up each service. 

We created a simple yet iconic brand identity representing the many facets of a security camera with the 4 outer lenses symbolising the 4 key security services with the control centre at its heart. Utilising a font that is modern and easy to read which could be used by the whole team was recommended by Zulu to allow the brand to be consistently communicated across all media types and guarantee integrity.

However due to the service having no market presence, it meant no one had heard of them, so the site was setup and optimised to maximise its presence within Google to help raise awareness and drive new engagement and designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices. The site needed to be designed to work quickly and efficiently, allowing visitors to find information or follow up with further contact very easily.  

Each key service was given its own unique colour which sits within the overarching new brand identity. With contact points for each service at the top middle and bottom of every page and easy to follow content structures which are mirrored on each service page making the use of the site simple and fast and familiar, giving the business now has a platform to really market itself.