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Taking your business venture online is a challenging task. It's easy to create your starting point (your website), but forming a guide and having the ability to follow it through so that you successfully navigate to your destination is challenging to say the least.

At Zulu, we help clients set ambitious targets for their web-ventures and see search engine optimisation as the fundamental means of achieving online success. The process facilitates the strengthening of a website over time, working to create a sustainable web presence which will drive high-quality traffic, enquiries and sales.

Taking your products and services online

In the past, companies have been hesitant to invest in developing and marketing a web presence. Many of the 'old-school' failed to see the value the web offers, but over time, the concept of the World Wide Web (www) has developed somewhat, and the potential to generate business online, has increased substantially.

Nowadays, taking your products and services online is common practice. Unfortunately, too many companies fail to realise that having a website does not automatically result in online success - a website will not market itself.

Can your customers find your company through Google?

Google is the principle means of navigating the web. If your website is not listed in Google, very few people will find their way to it and even fewer will buy anything or enquire about your services.

The Search Engine Optimisation program which Zulu offers not only has your company website listed in Google, Bing and Yahoo but it also develops your website authority using on-page and off-page optimisation techniques. In order to generate new business and justify the investment made to develop the website and digital marketing strategy, the search engine optimisation program looks to have your site listed against high-traffic driving search terms relative to your market sector.

Maximise your online profile through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Zulu is an SEO specialist with vast experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies for both public and private sector organisations. Our clients have seen substantial improvements made in terms of their web presence, and this has clearly come as a result of our comprehensive search engine optimisation program.

By following a structured methodology which comprises keyword research, competitor analysis and link building amongst other practices, Zulu has successfully navigated each of its clients throughout their journey, leading them to online success.