Collateral Development

Corporate Travel Plus Stationery

All companies have a range of collateral which is material that forms part of their corporate communications. ZULU offer Collateral Development and Collateral Management as part of their comprehensive marketing services. Your company’s collateral is central to articulating your brand and key communication messages and should not be reviewed in isolation.

ZULU understand that actively managing collateral can enhance your brand, reduce cost, and create loyalty and commitment throughout your supply chain. Marketing collateral is critical in conveying your company’s personality, services and products; through careful management you will create loyalty, enhance your USP (unique selling proposition) and increase sales.

Marketing Collateral can drive your company’s marketing program and deliver your corporate objectives. Collateral comprises of Corporate Identity, sales materials, brochures, factsheets, white papers and a wide range of information utilised for conveying your corporate message. Collateral development is one offering of  ZULU’s Design Services. Other services include Brand Management, Graphic Design,Web Design, content and PR underpinned by a comprehensive research program.