West Midlands Police Car Bait Advert

Advertising can be a difficult decision for many companies. Some advertising campaigns are difficult to measure and can lack focus. This can often happen when using broad based media such as TV advertising and national advertising campaigns.

Advertising can be a cornerstone of marketing strategy and is highly effective at developing brand recognition. Good advertising is highly effective in conveying your company's personality, services and products. Through careful management, you will create loyalty, enhance your USP (unique selling proposition) and increase sales. Advertising can take many forms such as television, poster advertising, sponsorship and endorsements to name just a few. The digital environment offers advertisers a new opportunity to intelligently target new customers and increase sales through build-customised offerings. Good advertising can increase sales whilst intelligent management will reduce the costs of acquisition and increase profitability.

We believe that all marketing activity should be clearly tracked and evaluated. This helps to improve conversions and drive creative executions for increased returns. Advertising does not have to be ‘big and broad’ with large budgets and complex media campaigns, we have worked with a number of regional clients to construct highly targeted campaigns that drive measurable returns. Advertising works best when the objectives are clearly understood and the development and construction of a campaign should reflect the best method of return.

Birmingham Public Health Legal Highs Poster campaign

At Zulu, we believe that highly effective advertising can take many forms. We have produced highly focused localised guerilla campaigns that have been specifically designed to drive ‘footfall’ traffic to events driven activity such as exhibitions, shops and events. These have proved to be highly cost effective methods of driving measurable returns.

What ever your requirements are, we believe in spending time to understand your business and providing best advice to produce a comprehensive approach covering all your advertising requirements.