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A journey is always more interesting when it is shared with friends. They offer you support, direction and a valuable opinion when you're in need of one. Meeting new people along your journey is beneficial too, and as your social circles increase in size, you'll find that your opportunities do too!

Social Media: The Zulu Way

Facebook Social Media MarketingZulu recognises the ability social circles have when it comes to marketing a product or service, and promoting your overall brand. When taking your business online, the bigger your social circle, the higher your chances of survival.

By using social media channels, your business (and the individuals within it) can connect with your suppliers, clients and associates. The more you engage with this channel, the greater your reward. Zulu advocates the use of social media as a means of publishing content and as a tool which can generate interest in your brand, through real-time online marketing and reputation management.

Real-Time Online Marketing

Of course, the great thing about social media is the fact that it is predominantly real-time. When you update your status or post a comment, your fans, followers and general audience will see what you've posted instantly.

This real-time factor has numerous benefits in terms of marketing. For one, you can inform your supporters of new offers on your products as soon as they are drawn up in the boardroom. You may also use social media to manage competitions.

Reputation Management

There is huge potential for businesses when it comes to social networking. A single message can reach thousands of people within a matter of seconds and whilst this is largely a positive feature to social networking, it can also be a negative.

If a customer has a bad experience whilst dealing with your company, there's nothing stopping them from publishing negative comments which have the potential to destroy your brand. You need to make sure those comments and complaints are dealt with as appropriately as possible, and this is done through reputation management.

Zulu advocates the use of social media channels to monitor and effectively deal with complaints and criticisms of your business. Social media has been proven to be an extremely useful customer service tool, and a number of large companies have already invested heavily in creating reputation management programs.

As social media becomes more and more popular, companies failing to invest time in the channel - whether it be as a marketing tool or reputation management tool - will slowly become less and less influential when it comes to the online environment.

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