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The Top Ten Alcoholic drinks ads around...probably. If these don't make you giggle then I'm not sure what will.

11/05/2012  Comments (0)

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The health and fitness industry is a multi-billion pound industry, gyms and weight loss companies spends lots of money on getting us on their course or in through their gyms doors for that ever elusive six pack or trimmed tummy.

20/04/2012  Comments (0)

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There are moments when you see something and just think, now that's genius. And this Tippex Viral Video campaign is the best we've seen. Anything that gives us new experiences is always going to stick in our minds and Tippex have quite a few tricks up their sleeve in order to do just that.

13/04/2012  Comments (2)

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Celebrating 100 years of Oreo Cookies, Oreo have produced this brilliant set of adverts celebrating key events that have happened within the last 100 years, with the centre of attention for each poster on the Oreo cookie using it to recreate the key event.

11/04/2012  Comments (3)

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Have you ever wondered what a creative world the film industry is? This weeks Ads of the Week, might just go some way to answering that very question.

05/04/2012  Comments (3)

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