Zulu launches it's new Facebook Page


We've been in the social media game for some time now, and I'm sure you've all heard us banging on about how important your Twitter profiles are and how it's essential to get your Facebook Page looking, and working, just right.

Whilst our Twitter profile has been running seamlessly for over 18 months now (and we're certainly benefiting from it), our Facebook Page left much to be desired, so we thought we'd take some of our own advice, and get it sorted out!

A few weeks back, we all sat down to formulate the content and the structure of our Facebook Page, and it wasn't long before we'd come up with a number of applications which demonstrate what we, at Zulu, are all about.

Your company should be using Facebook Pages

You see, Facebook Pages offer so much these days. They really do provide companies with the chance to showcase the work that they've done, the services they offer and the other interesting stuff they get up to on a day-to-day basis. And, as a creative design agency, we felt it was even more appropriate for us to demonstrate what our team can do!

How does our Facebook Page work?

Zulu Facebook Like PageWhen you first land on our Facebook Page, non-fans are invited to 'Like' us via a custom welcome page (go on…you can all go and 'Like' us now!). Once they've done this, they're then redirected to our Wall, onto which we like to post cool videos, imagery and design which we've found from within the industry. These examples help keep our minds fresh and encourage our clients (and our other fans) to continually push the boundaries when it comes to commissioning work. Our posts are also great talking points, and this channel really is all about being sociable - connecting with fans and non-fans in order to encourage engagement. The Wall also showcases a randomly generated series of images within the 'Facebook Profile Photo Strip', and these are taken from the most recent photo album which we've uploaded. There are some pretty cool images, so be sure to stop by and have a bit of a browse!

What other Facebook Applications have we created?

As well as the 'Welcome Page' application, we've also put together some other applications including a services/portfolio of work (see 'ZULU Services'), a 'ZULU Tweets' page, a 'ZULU Blog' page and of course, an 'Ads of the Week' application which is updated weekly, with our latest array of really cool adverts.

Zulu Facebook Service ApplicationThe 'ZULU Services' page provides us with an impressive means of showcasing the work we've done in digital, design and consultancy fields, for a number of renowned clients - from Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Midshires, to Vodka Revolution and KPMG. It also demonstrates exactly what can be done with a little JavaScript, HTML and a few images.

Zulu Facebook TweetsThe 'ZULU Tweets' and 'ZULU Blog' applications also use a little JavaScript in order to display our latest posts in a really cool way. Not only can you have a read of our latest tweets, but you can also see the tweets of those organisations we 'follow' on Twitter, and if you find them useful, you can follow them too!

Zulu Facebook Ad of the WeekOur final Facebook application, the 'Ads of the Week', closely ties into our weekly Friday feature (of the same name), which we run via our website. We like to have a bit of fun as we unwind for the weekend, and we do this by presenting a series of really clever adverts which relate to a given theme. We've found our clients and other subscribers really enjoy participating in the feature, and it's interesting to find out what they think of particular examples of design and advertising. The Facebook application which we've created for the 'Ads of the Week' is designed to convey a relaxed environment, where you can put your feet up for a few moments and just enjoy the artwork. Of course, for those who aren't yet on the 'Ads of the Week' subscriber list, there is an option to sign-up for updates via the Facebook Page! How convenient!

If you haven't already, get involved with us on Facebook! 'Like' us now!

We hope you like our new Facebook Page, and that you are able to make the most of it by becoming a fan and participating in our on-page features!

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