Zulu in Midlands Business News website

Zulu in Midlands Business News website

The following article was originally published on the Midlands Business News website (orignal ariticle):

A website team’s strategy has brought new business to an award-winning healthcare firm. Zulu Creative were tasked with the creation of a website to reach a new market for specialist healthcare team Independent Community Care Management. Its target was to help new clients, NHS Commissioners and carers with their message of ‘Making complex care simple.’

Zulu facilitated this growth, designing a segmented website, to demonstrate the breadth of their work to potential clients. It showed what made their care stand out, in sections underpinning their reputation, their experience and dependability. The new website, and allied marketing, gave powerful support to the care team who were upholding the most vulnerable people, with spinal injury and tetraplegia; and showed them doing more than seemed possible: taking up new careers, and rebuilding their lives after disasters.

Zulu also looked beyond the website construction, and encouraged ICCM to employ an innovative social media channel – a ‘mini website’ tool which would net the exceptional skills needed for such care. This would carry a campaign, to ‘reach the hearts that others couldn’t reach’ with glossies’ advertising, to use sites like Facebook to identify target groups, to recruit care staff with the rare levels of commitment essential to help ICCM reach its potential.

Zulu had been called in by ICCM’s equity partners Living Bridge to tell the story of their ‘more than’ approach. The result attracted new clients seeking the kind of care that would support and inspire them to look beyond their disability and achieve their dreams.

Heath Walker, ICCM Financial Director, said:

“Zulu worked with us to design a website and a marketing strategy which reflected the exceptional quality of care that we provide. Their commitment mirrors our philosophy of consistently exceeding client expectations through our provision of complex care in the community. The website shows the experience which enables us to deliver exceptional outcomes in a clinical arena. Dedication to quality brings those results, and Zulu’s website brings that across perfectly.”

Zulu managing director Ivan Yardley said:

“Improving is essential to staying in front – so Zulu were delighted to be called on by Living Bridge to give a new lease of life to ICCM, and brought top level health care to more people who really needed a helping hand.”

Living Bridge Equity Partners invest in UK based growth businesses. As an investment partner, they work alongside the management teams within the businesses they invest in, with the aim of enhancing the value of the business to ensure future growth potential. They take time to really get to know and understand their portfolio companies, investing in infrastructure and people, building the strategy, and strengthening the management team.

Matt Caffrey, part of the New Investment team at Living Bridge , said:

“ICCM delivers a service that is difficult to replicate and delivers a high level of care, independence and support to its clients. “From a website and marketing perspective, the challenge was to fully describe the quality of ICCM’s services, and what they achieve in changing lives. Zulu Creative met that challenge with a patient, in-depth approach and determination and delivered an excellent end result.”

The successful partnership between Zulu and the care team mirrored the clients’ approach to achievements: it was hard work, but worth it.