Will the Climate Summit make a difference?


We have heard a lot about the Climate Change Summit, which is being held in Copenhagen, but reports of reaching a comprehensive agreement still seem to be some distance away. Our own Prime Minister doesn’t appear to be convinced that everyone is going to keep to the agreement and has been quoted by the BBC as saying, "If we make promises at Copenhagen, we've got to be sure that every country is going to keep them."

To me, this sounds like a person who is already convinced that many of the other countries won’t! Gordon Brown then went on to outline the UK’s own position by saying, "We can't do it on our own, it's about the whole world coming together.”

Unfortunately, I think that the politicians are missing the point. Almost everyone agrees that we need to take better care of our planet, and whilst I’m no environmentalist, I do believe in developing a sustainability agenda. This is a program that people can make sense of, which can be explained simply. Societies across the world need to understand how the agenda can be achieved, without destroying the way in which they live and the benefits they enjoy!

We know that there are lots of good examples of where sustainability can work, but it needs to combine the environment, economic and social aspects of each society. Quite simply, one solution will not fit all! We need some international leadership on this subject. The policies and international agreements need to underpin the vision. The question is, where is this going to come from? Perhaps the most recent Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Barack Obama, will lead the debate and make a difference. What do you think?