Why your web content so important to Google


Why your web content so important to Google

If you've received any advice which was given to help your company achieve a good, solid, online performance, you'll no-doubt have been informed of the importance of web content.

Come on, give Google a clue!

In doing some research into keywords and search volume, you'll discover the types of words and phrases associated with your industry that are frequently searched by your target audience. To expect Google to rank your site competitively for these words is ridiculous if you haven't done anything to help the search engine understand exactly what it is that you want.

Ultimately, what you want is for your site to rank amongst the top sites within your industry, and more specifically, you want it on the first page of Google's SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In order to get it there, Google first needs to understand that your website has a particular theme - and it gathers this understanding first and foremost, through 'reading' the content you have on your site.

If you manage a hotel in Birmingham for example, you must look to include words such as 'hotel in Birmingham' to even stand a chance of achieving good SERP positions against industry-related terminology.

This might sound obvious to most, but you'd be surprised at how many websites we get asked to cast our eye over which don't employ these most basic of requirements.

From here on in, we can help you with your website!

Once you have the content on your site, the skill then comes in optimising it. Making sure you have appropriate keywords in each of the particularly useful tags is important, as is having META information written correctly. Of course, we can help you out with that!