Why the iPad might just be a success.


Prior to it’s launch late last week, the iPad (or iSlate as it was then believed to have been named) was expected to be somewhat of a phenomenon. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the product was not capable of living up to the expectations and the hype.

What’s wrong with the iPad?

Many people have started to refer to the iPad as a ‘big iPhone’, and they’re perfectly entitled to do so based on the fact that the new device seems not to have learnt from the shortcomings which the iPhone possesses. The following list gives a brief summary of what is wrong with the iPad.

The Name

Why has Apple chosen to call the device the iPad rather than the iSlate? I think most would agree that the iSlate sounded so much more stylish. What’s more, is the iPad not a little too similar sounding to the iPod?

No multitasking

Why can’t the iPad do more than one thing at a time? The inability to multitask is a well-known, well-documented iPhone issue. If Apple wanted to make a real impression, it would have paid dividends to incorporate multitasking into the iPad operating system.

No camera

Why has Apple not included a camera on the iPad? You’d have thought that the device would be ideal for conference calling, and yet, with no camera, the business market may remain disappointed!

Success for Apple, despite the rumblings?

Despite the point raised above, Apple may still make a success of the iPad. If truth be told, whilst the product has several shortcomings in terms of functionality, it is a good looking device. The design team at Apple know what sells and they know the type of people they are appealing to. I’m confident that many suppliers will invest in the iPad as a means of communicating with and impressing their clients through a device, which is capable of adding a ‘wow factor’ to any average product – and you never know, the iPad 3GS could be all-singing, all-dancing!