Why Search Marketing?


I think that in today’s online marketing environment, most people have, by now, heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Having said that, I get the feeling that there is still quite a lot of confusion as to what SEO involves. We are often asked how SEO can help, and what kind of a return SEO can provide. Our answer is always the same. Many companies are now waking up to the fact that any investment made within the online environment, should form part of a long-term strategy.

SEO is not an instantaneous process, and quantifiable results can take many months to see. Whilst the time-scales may vary based on which industry sector your organisation operates within, the rigorous approach we employ is pretty consistent. It is important to carry out thorough research into your competitors, the online market, and short and long-term keyword targets in order to deliver effective rankings within the SERPs and ROI. Your site will also need to have been structured correctly in order to conform to Search Engine indexing (reading) techniques, whilst there are also a number of off page techniques, which can be used in order to drive visitors to your site. Since our launch, we have been aware of numerous Search Marketing companies driving large numbers of visitors to irrelevant sites. This is effectively spamming, and every effort should be made to focus on the correct type of visitor, delivering a better ROI and greater website conversions.

We believe that SEO should not be measured on the number of visitors a site receives, but rather, the quality of visitor and subsequently, the number of conversions the site creates. For most companies, the aim of their website is to build sales and increase profitability, which means it is necessary for you to understand how to create an interesting and engaging experience. The more engaging a site is, the higher the average time spent on site, and further, the more likely it is for a conversion to result from a visit. Content is often highlighted as one of the most important aspects to an SEO campaign, and we would agree on the most part. Frequently updated content offers so many benefits, - but can also lead to extra expenses in terms of development. Sites rich with information can quite easily move from being reasonably sized sites to extremely large websites, and it is for this reason, that you must establish a clear direction and content development plan, inline with your long term SEO strategy.

Blogs and forums are an excellent means of creating content and driving online business, but they are hard work and require time, money and clearly, an opinion! SEO is a growing market and I can see that any self-respecting marketing plan will need to incorporate an SEO strategy. Finding the right company can be difficult however, particularly if you are looking to support local businesses through employing a local firm. We are based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, which is not far from Birmingham. There are very few companies in this area, which provide high quality SEO services locally. If your agency hasn’t outlined a clear methodology detailing their method of tackling the Search Marketing avenue through SEO, we’d advise you not to use them. You will need to establish an ongoing, trust-based relationship for the simple fact that SEO does not work through optimising the site and then walking away. It needs to managed and developed. Those investing in establishing a corporate web identity and presence will build a valuable asset, which will drive traffic and attract customers. It will not be easy and will take time, but it will be worth it!  

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