Who owns your company?


The saga over who will control Cadburys is still going on, but it is important to differentiate between who owns a business and who runs a business, as they are two different things. It’s surprising how many people get confused between the corporate structure and the individual owner. For most small businesses this is simpler; the owner runs the business. However, for businesses which have multiple shareholders or those listed (and therefore those which have stocks which can be bought and sold on the open market), are more susceptible to take over. Although this is an obvious statement, it is important to understand that if you are a public listed company, the importance of corporate communications and effective brand management is critical in the market’s perception of what and how the company is run. Too often, not enough attention is paid to the corporate brand. You will have a number of senior managers and directors who will understand the figures on the balance sheet, but not how they got there. Is this a safe way to run a business? We are interested in your views, so get involved by commenting below.

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