What will the future hold for Twitter?


Since it hit our screens over 4 years ago, Twitter has been immensely popular - continuing to grow at a remarkable rate - yet the microblogging platform is plagued by an inability to turn a profit.

New Chief Executive, new ideas?

Dick CostoloRecently, Dick Costolo, Twitter's Chief Executive, who took part in his first UK interview since assuming his new role, has indicated that the company is struggling to envisage exactly how it can move forward financially. But, that may not necessarily be a bad thing...

Twitter reacts to user behaviour

Twitter has been rather good at reacting to the way in which users have looked to shape it's service. The way in which the 'hashtag' has been used for example, came about as a result of the behaviour of users. The company has been keen not to push unwanted features onto the public, which may be detrimental to the service it offers. The worst thing that could happen from their point of view is for a new feature to be rolled out, and for it to be unpopular. Whilst this is a nice way to run a company, Twitter surely needs to start generating an income at some point.

Twitter has launched a 'promoted tweet' service however, and according to Costolo, the feature has been well received and the company is certainly looking to build upon this. I suppose we shall have to see whether this facility will be successful enough to monetize Twitter, or whether Twitter will follow in the footsteps of Google, which took many years to start advertising.

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