What a brand can do for an SME?

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What a brand can do for an SME?

Company branding can seem like an expensive luxury and beyond the immediate requirement of an SME or even much larger businesses that may or may not already have an established reputation. But if ignored, could this be a critical business oversight?

Working for success

Last year we were contacted by the Head of Sales at Fallon and Son Limited, a Midlands based family owned Demolition Company. Fallon were looking at building on the established track record of a family run business of the past 40 years but recognised they need to modernise their offer to take advantage of the evolving business market place.

Business focused

The business had already undertaken a business review and begun the process of recruiting new talent into the business. The aspiration was to expand, take on more complex and higher margin work, reduce the business operational risk and secure better pipeline forecasting through deeper partnership relationships. Building the brand Zulu were engaged to help the business rebrand the marketing operations and also provide advice and facilitation of the business strategic brand proposition. This latter function took place through a series of stakeholder engagement activities, including facilitated workshops. The result was a team led development of a brand that reflected the aspirations of the business but also was soundly built on the skills and capabilities of the current business. The new brand is a grounded and credible focused market proposition that differentiated the business in the current market place and provided a unique offer.

Cascade the offer

Zulu worked across all aspects of the business in order to align the business process, refine and build the prospect pipeline, restructure the CRM and the prospect touch points in order to help the business prioritise activity to maximise client conversations. Supporting the proposition with a refined and redeveloped online experience, which in turn was mirrored with a new collateral suite. Providing greater emphasis on the client focused proposition with clear referenced credentials of heritage and experience.

Platform for success

The new brand and business systems were launched to the team at an all company workshop day and the feedback was unanimously positive with internal and external stakeholders welcoming the clear focus and dynamic company direction.


What the client says

 “Fallon Group sought a high end brand management company to identify salient points in terms of completely re-branding the business to reflect a comprehensive international five year business plan. Ivan and his team started from scratch and really drilled down into the key service offerings and USP's of the business, engaging members of the team and managing varied perceptions of the value of brand and the marketing narrative. Over an initial 3 month period, Ivan and his team delivered high quality customer service, excellent brand work and were never afraid to 'tell it like it is' - a valuable quality where emotional attachment to a company could potentially detract from the end result. We will be continuing to consult with Zulu Creative on our on-going journey and thank Ivan and his team for their excellent work ethos and high quality output. Well done all and thank you for being a fantastic team to work with!” Andy Lowe Group Head of Sales at Fallon Group Ltd

Word from Us

“It was a great opportunity to work with a local company like Fallon, the team were very positive after an understandably apprehensive start but they were all up for the challenge and we can already see the benefits for the business with great team cohesion and a clear path to growth and success for the business. We very much hope to be working with and support Fallon on their journey for many years to come” Ivan Yardley MBA, MA, PhD

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