West Midlands Road Safety launches new brand


The West Midlands Road Safety Partnership recently selected Zulu as their branding agency and we are pleased to announce the launch of their new identity. The partnership delivers the central platform for the surrounding seven road safety partnerships and provides the key role in coordinating across the county for all road safety initiatives.

The brief was to produce a modern and vibrant identity that could work across a multitude of media requirements. The concept represents the partnerships support for not just the individual authorities but the public as well by using more recognisable road elements. The logo uses the W&M to make a tyre tread icon, with the surrounding wheel representing the safety and support the partnership delivers. The slight angle of the inner icon indicates momentum and action, with the overall graphic becoming a strong individual badge.

The selected colour palette for the brand utilises 3 key colours: The dark grey represents the brands main agenda of roads, linking directly to the overarching icon representing a tyre/wheel. The introduction of the additional colour channels provides depth to the grey which in turn provides a corporate feel establishing substance and efficiency. The green is used to draw attention to the main icon which forms the tyre tread/WM and is representational of the high visibility safety jackets that many road users wear and the generic colour used to provide safety on the road for users. it delivers a vibrant and energetic colour that directly relates to the core values of the brand, providing a key eye catching highlight colour. The light grey acts as a supporting partner to the identity it compliments the other colours and draws attention to the region while showing how the partnership supports this. The next stage for the brand development is the launch of the new website, which we will announce very soon. West Midlands Road Safety also have a yearly initiative raising awareness to children of being seen at night when on the roads, you can see this here at the Be Bright Be Seen Campaign.

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