Vintage Ads - Those were the days!

Ads of Week

We're going old school this week, really old school, the theme this week is called ‘Those Were The Days’. Now I just have to say these are actual adverts and aren’t made up, so you have to ask the question, how on earth did they get through, and trust me I have removed the most inflammatory ones.

I’m not even going to pass comment on these for fear of reprisal, so I’ll let you make your mind up which is the one you love/hate the most :)

Tell me which one in the comments section below.

Have a great bonfire night.

Schlitz Beer

Cocaine Toothache Drops

Kenwood Chef

Camel Cigarettes

Tipalet Cigarettes

A Hideous Shoe

Van Heusen Ties

Chesterfield Cigarettes

PEP Vitamins

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