Twitter showcases some incredible stories


This time last year, people were still trying to fathom out what Twitter was good for. I spoke to lots of people who just couldn't understand what use Twitter had, and why anyone would want to join in. Twelve months on, those people have opened Twitter accounts and some have even ditched their Facebook accounts in favour of the micro-blogging platform.

Twitter Stories

As more people engage with one-another socially, the benefits Twitter has for businesses become clearer and the ability the real-time platform has to distribute news as and when it happens, should never be taken for granted.

Twitter has now created a sub domain on its main site called 'Stories', which it has dedicated to showcasing real life-changing events which have taken place in people's lives, as a result of Twitter.

Stories include accounts from Shobaib Athar, who inadvertently live-tweeted the raid on the Osama bin Laden compound, Daniel Morales, a homeless New yorker who was reunited with his daughter after 11 years, and Mark Slavonia, who challenged Lance Armstrong to ride the world's steepest road.

Of course, the stories don't stop there. Other stories focus on the first tweet sent from space and how the World embraced Japan during the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Reading just a few of those stories really shows the effect Twitter has had on the communities across the globe. If you're interested in having a read yourself, head on over to the site by clicking here.

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