Twitter set to launch analytics tool


Last week, we spoke of Dick Costolo's vision for microblogging platform, Twitter. Rather than getting tied up in the power struggle between Facebook and Google+, Costolo aims to steer Twitter through the social media heavyweight matchup and out the other side relatively unscathed. Whilst Facebook and Google+ both look to add to their functionality, Costolo is intent on ensuring Twitter doesn't overcomplicate things, believing that if anything, Twitter should streamline it's service, becoming even easier (and simpler) to use.

Twitter Web Analytics

This week, Twitter has announced that it is planning on releasing its own web analytics tool which will enable web managers to more accurately monitor Twitter referrals to their websites and users to see just how valuable the 'Tweet' button is to them.

Does this launch contradict Costolo's vision?

Initially, I thought that the launch of such a platform went against Costolo's vision as Twitter appears to be adding extra functionality. Having said that, the software will make Twitter easier to use (which is key to what Costolo is planning) by providing users with far superior analytical data than they currently have access to.

I also questioned the life-span of this new addition, believing that it would only be a matter of time before Google was able to overcome its inaccuracy problem which relates to tracking Twitter referrals and currently plagues the Google Analytics package. But then again, it's unlikely that Twitter will be providing Google with it's data in order help Google overcome a problem.

Whilst I would ideally like to monitor the performance of my websites and social profiles via a single analytics platform, you can't have it all. What's more, with Twitter branching out into providing analytical data, it becomes more than just a microblogging platform. To me, the move to provide this service further strengthens Twitter's presence within the online environment and it has ultimately provided a solution to a problem which it itself had created - giving the platform a purpose.