Transparency in SEO equals success


When it comes down to it, small business owners know that the Internet is a channel they really cannot afford to ignore. On the other hand however, most are not willing to 'gamble' on an SEO firm which they feel will take a significant portion of their marketing budget, delivering little in the way of a return.

Why has SEO got a bad reputation?

Time and time again we've come across so-called 'SEO specialists' who are still employing techniques which Google dropped from their algorithms years ago, so it's no wonder so many businesses are sceptical as to whether they should invest in such a channel.

What have we done to improve this reputation?

Fortunately, over the years that we've specialised in this medium, we've been able to understand exactly what customers are looking for in a digital agency. We've geared our SEO program so that it keeps businesses in the loop 100% of the time, and they are provided with regular updates relating to the performance of their sites.

At Zulu, we believe in providing quality products and if that means being transparent in the work we're doing, then so be it. Other agencies seem to forget that clients are always concerned that they will be 'screwed over' - so transparency gives them piece of mind and makes them feel somewhat more comfortable with the work you're doing.

Why should you give Zulu a ring?

So if you're looking to invest in a course of SEO or any other Internet Marketing for that matter, but you feel uncomfortable with paying thousands of pounds/month towards something you've got little understanding of, give us a ring and we'll show you how we've reinvented SEO to put you in the driving seat.