Top Search Terms of The Year


Every year around this time, search engines release a few interesting stats outlining the top search trends for the past 12 months. Usually on this blog, we make a big thing out of Google's Zeitgeist but this time around, Yahoo's released it's data and as we haven't paid much attention to Yahoo over the last year, we thought we'd give them a mention here! Consider it an early Christmas present Yahoo :-)


Some interesting trends have emerged this year, with the general consensus being that people are hugely concerned with the state of our finances (which isn't much of a surprise!). The top 3 searches carried out via the Yahoo search engine comprise 'FTSE', 'National Lottery' and 'Job Centre', and whilst 'FTSE' is a new entry into the top 10 this year, the other 2 search terms actually occupied positions #1 and #2 last year.

You can't blame the British public for being concerned about the financial situation the country is in but it appears that if they're not searching the web for financial-related terms, they're engrossed in celebrity culture.

Whilst Katie Price has clearly been busy on her computer this year (her name appears in position #4 in the list), Cheryl Cole (#5) will also be able to sleep at night knowing she too, is still very much in the public's interest and hasn't been forgotten about despite not being on the X Factor this year.

In the list of top 10 celebrities, Katie Price and Cheryl Cole are joined by Kate and Pippa Middleton, Imogen Thomas, Amy Winehouse, Ryan Giggs, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardasian and Rihanna.

That said, it should come as no surprise that Ryan Giggs' superinjunction and the death of Amy Winehouse are the 2 most searched for news stories. Of course, that particular list also features the ongoing phone hacking scandal, the 2012 Olympics (which is sure to be a top term next year), the Royal Wedding and the Death of Gaddafi.

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