Top 3 Tips for Marketing Success


Top 3 Tips for Marketing Success

This is the second blog in the series on how to make your marketing a success. In the years that I have been working both as a consultant and also client side I think one of the biggest stumbling blocks to a company achieving real success is the marketing / campaign budget. I’m not talking about the size of the budget (although this is an issue I will touch on later) it’s that allocation of budget.

Generally speaking people accept that to produce physical things such as brochures, adverts or websites they will incur a cost – although (and I said I would mention this) the rapid changing marketing landscape has radically changed the complexity and number of channels that company’s can choose to utilise.

Now at one level this is great news because if a company thinks creatively about how they are going to describe what they do and think about who their customers are, they can often find a cost effective way of reaching them. However these range of options can also lead to specifications and requirements of the creative fulfilment that is wildly overambitious – leading to a lot of time spent either specifying requirements that could never realistically be achieved for the budget available or over engineering when referred to the aims and success criteria of the campaign.

Tip 1

So top point No.1 is about your aims and success criteria, be focused about what you want to achieve (critical and nice to haves, clearly prioritised) take good advice (remember the biggest names in the industry, the ones you have all heard about, also have the biggest price tags – that’s why you have heard about them, they spend a lot of your money publicising themselves)

Tip 2

No.2 make sure you have budgeted for the after campaign launch support, whether it’s online, off page, direct or any other type of engagement strategy. Think about ongoing activity, development and measurement, you want a marketing campaign to work for you over a period of time, generating sales and repeat customers that genuinely improves the bottom line. My guide would be the classic one third two third rule, if you spend a third of your budget on developing capability (web, email, PPC, SEO, brochures etc) you should have about another two thirds in order to drive the campaign, measure engagement and execute effective follow up engagement opportunities.

Tip 3

No 3 (and one that is nearly always ignored) track the engagement right through the operation, I mean don’t just see a click on Google analytics as success, if an engagement doesn’t turn into something meaningful (your campaign brief will clearly define success) then it’s a bit of a waste of time, also you need to see not only who engages but who become customers and repeat customers (if you work within public sector this also applies for social engagement and participation, so I use the word customer generically)

And this is my last point, if you get No.3 right you can drill down and refine future campaign management activity (your two thirds) to improve the performance. So not only do get a campaign that works over a period of time but  actually gets better and better.

If you have a question about this just drop me a line and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

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