There Can Be Only One! - Pantone

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There Can Be Only One! - Pantone

Less is more, it's a fact, simple wins every time. Our job as designers and marketeers is problem solving, and the simple solution nearly always gives the best results. 

That's why I love any advert where you look at it and just get straight away what it's trying to do and it delivers it in a clever yet simple manner (just to clarify simple is not easy, it's usually hours upon hours of work just to get to simple) where the product or service shines across.

Without doubt Pantone's poster campaign which was shortlisted at the Cannes Lion 2014 awards is worthy of such a title. These beautifully colourful posters deliver perfectly the brand while injecting some very clever humour and you can't help at being proud of yourself for guessing correctly all three characters.