The Written Word

Ads of Week

This week's theme is 'The Written Word' and is dedicated to Michelle at Be Birmingham (it's only a new job...and not that kind of dedication!).

Copy is just as important as imagery in advertising and you can see with the examples below how powerful and effective it can be.

The most thought provoking and clever is 'The Economist' and at some point, I’ll probably do a week dedicated to their ads alone. The funniest by far are the AAA School of advertising, which are entitled, ‘When you know you’re a creative thinker’.

This week you can now click on the images to get uber (that’s trendy don’t you know) big versions of each one so you can read the copy and get the full effect.

Let me know below which is your favourite and whether you think the enlarged view is a nice addition!

Have a great weekend.

Cows in Space

Pressure Peers | The Economist


Grey Sabbath

Light Purple




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