The Top 5 Most Sexist Ads

Ads of Week

Where's the line drawn when it comes to advertising? I actually don't think there is a line, it's whatever the agency think they can get away with to sell the brand/product, which can make for some brilliant ads (even if they can get banned within minutes). This weeks Ads of the Week shows the top 5 most sexist ads out there. They range from the 1950's up to modern day and they will definitely make you smile, even if it's just from amazement that anyone ever produced the ad in the first place. My favourite, or should I say the one that made me laugh the most is the Mercedes Library ad, needless to say this got banned very quickly in america……god bless you YouTube :) What do you think of the ads? Let me us know in the comments box below.

Mercedes Benz - Library

Bud Light - Marriage Success

Dodge - Man's Last Stand


Nandos - Chicken Breast Burger

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