The Social Media Illusion

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It wasn’t too long ago that you had a phone and a compact digital camera, now it’s if you go to any concert, theatre show or any area where there is likely to be a celebrity encounter, the mobile phone is king and why not, it fits on your pocket, you upgrade them normally every two years and the new phone has a camera twice as good the previous one did.

So all good tick boxes, this obviously then directly lends it’s support to social media, we can take thousands of pictures documenting our daily lives, whether you’re a Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or You-tuber, your phone is there to supply the goods.

But as we know each social media channel has it’s own tone and application, for example your mom might be on Facebook but snapchat might be a step to far. So with the ability to take a million selfies and then edit them right there and then on your phone, is one phone better at doing it than any others?

Well LG think theirs is the best and this series of ads aims to show you just that. We think they kind of deliver the wrong message to the one that’s intended it conveys more of the creepy dangerous side of social media and suggests as we all know that what we see is a lot of the time far from the truth.

What do you think? 

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