The most disturbing images of 2016

Ads of Week

These pictures COME WITH A WARNING, they are NOT SAFE FOR WORK….use your phone, you’ll still scream….’My eyes, my eyes!!’ but at least the rest of the office won’t see them.

This ad campaign for the French online design and communications journal Influencia, challenges you to not just think about getting your body in shape but what about getting your brain in shape as well. And it’s a good point, how many of us challenge our brains on a daily or weekly basis, like we do our bodies……..and while we think it’s a great concept the end result burns itself onto the back of your retina and just doesn’t fade.

So as we said earlier, they come with a warning….and we did WARN YOU....the last one is the worst :)


We did warn you remember


Still here? Here you go then!



Buff Your Brain 1 - Influencia

Buff Your Brain 2 - Influencia

Buff Your Brain 3 - Influencia

Buff Your Brain 4 - Influencia

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