The latest on Google Caffeine


Googler Matt Cutts informed the search world in late November that the Caffeine algorithmic update was to take place after the Christmas period, to avoid webmasters stressing out, over what should be, a happy time of the year! For this Matt, we all thank you. However, since the start of January, many search marketers have been eagerly awaiting another appearance from Mr Cutts, letting us all know that Caffeine is now in affect. There have been a number of rumours doing the rounds, with many people reporting that they have seen huge fluctuations in keyword positioning, and that in their opinion, the update has already taken place. I must admit, we have also seen a number of fluctuations against many of our sites, which tends to suggest that the update has, at least in part, been rolled out. We’d be interested in hearing from other webmasters/agencies if you have been monitoring the situation and have your own thoughts on Caffeine!

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