The Google Zeitgeist keeps getting better


A few weeks back, we published a blog on our site which was written about the 'Top Search Terms of The Year', according to Yahoo. The idea was to leave the news of 'top terms' there, but then Google released this year's Zeitgeist and I felt compelled to post again :)

The Zeitgeist shows what the world has been searching for via Google throughout the year, and whilst the data is always good to have a look at, it has to be said, no-one displays it in such a cool way as Google.

Google has built this year's Zeitgeist pages using a number of HTML5 canvas tags, which allow enabled web browsers to show users animated graphics, to really capture their attention. If you want to see them yourself, head on over to the Zeitgeist website now!

On the site, Google offers you the chance to break the data down so that you can see the 'fastest rising' and the 'fastest falling' items or people across the globe. You can also choose to view specific data from your country too!

So what are the big trends this year then? Well, within the UK, the Royal Wedding was the fastest rising search, Ryan Dunn accounted for the fastest rising person, and the Haye Vs. Klitschko fight was the fastest rising sports event. Vegas tops the list of top travel destinations for those searching Google in the UK.

Check out the cool graph from the Zeitgeist below.

Google Zeitgeit