The Best Sports Ads

Ads of Week

This weeks Ads of the Week focuses on all the other types of ads that support sport, whether it be brands encouraging us to take up a sport and exercise more through to the benefits that sport can bring. For any of you that are parents, you'll appreciate the Bold advert with the boy climbing a tree, I won't say anymore but it will make you giggle.

Also the audi advert on the dog racing is slightly curve ball for sport but it's that good I had to include it. And I think the anti drugs poster from city sport very funnily gets across the point of what drugs can do to you. But my favourite this week I think has to be the Prince Charles Ad, I wonder if he saw this and hadn't realised that he wore the same jumpsuit (well same style at least) for 19 years. Oh and the ESPN ad is a nice optical illusion. Well having well and truly worn out the red button on the remote control, I hope you enjoy the last 2 days of the Olympics and didn't we do well. Have a great and hot weekend.

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