The Best Lego Film Posters

Ads of Week

It's time to hail the return of Ads of the Week, with a nice little pop quiz on movies. Last year we put together an Album Cover Quiz which used the worlds greatest toy….Lego and this week's little brain teaser does exactly the same but this time it's famous movie scenes. The genius behind these creations is Alex Eylar from Oakland, California and he hasn't made them too difficult…well not all of them.

There are no prizes for getting them all right, but as we've said before just the comforting knowledge that you're smarter than the average bear.

Put you answers in the comments box at the bottom and we'll post the answers on Wednesday next week. And remember NO cheating!! UPDATE: And the the answers are in, how many did you get right?

The Addams Family American Beauty A Clockwork Orange The Exorcist The Godfather Harry Potter Inception James Bond The Kings Speech Mission Impossible Psycho Pulp Fiction The Shining Star Wars The Social Network

All images are credited with thanks to artist Alex Eylar. Google+

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