The 6 Greatest Ten Pin Bowling Tricks Ever

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The 6 Greatest Ten Pin Bowling Tricks Ever

Andy Varipapa was one of the first professional bowlers in the US, a Champion bowler in the 1940s and possibly the best bowler of all time. Varipapa was considered to be "the greatest one-man bowling show on Earth" because of his vast array of trick shots. Andy was known for his "Grandpa Strength" and Wheaties cleverly used this nostalgia and let’s be honest, 70 years on, still really cool tricks to promote their brand at the Professional Bowling Association's National Championship.

There are 6 videos in the campaign, each lasting only 16 seconds showcasing the awesome talent that Andy was. The videos aren't in anyway edited or fiddled with. How could you not be inspired to go and buy Wheaties after watching them....who needs the Avengers, Andy is our hero!

Trick Shot 1


Trick Shot 2


Trick Shot 3


Trick Shot 4


Trick Shot 5


Trick Shot 6

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