That's a little bit disappointing Twitter


Late last week, a number of reports emerged which discussed Twitter's expected roll out of enhanced pages for brands. Well, it turns out we can't all expect to get access to these enhanced profile pages: Ad Age believes firms committing to spending in excess of $25,000 a year in Twitter advertising will be the lucky few. Those brands which don't currently spend that figure - but commit to using Twitter on an organic basis nonetheless - will have to continue to wait.


It's a little disappointing...

It's not great news, in fact, it's a little disappointing. Not only have we been eagerly anticipating the enhanced brand pages since they debuted in early December but we've a number of clients who've already started to ask about how these new profiles could be integrated into their marketing strategies.

I think it's naive on Twitter's part to discount so many companies from such a major rollout. Just because they're not investing in platform advertising, it doesn't mean they're not using Twitter in an equally effective - if not more effective - manner.

...but the future looks bright

In spite of the disappointment and whilst we wait for these developments to roll out to the masses, we can certainly look forward to the extra dimension they will bring to social marketing - that's providing they do actually get introduced to all brands at one time or another!

Talk about iFrame environments which might allow users to play games or shop on a brand's website without actually leaving the Twitter environment is certainly interesting. I expect this will work much like Facebook Apps do and I can't wait to see them in action!