Successful Marketing: Identifying your USP


Successful Marketing: Identifying your USP

I’ve been asked to write a few short blogs about the most common issues and marketing solutions that I regularly encounter, so here we go with the first one.

I have often asked clients how the differentiate themselves, the dreaded question of  “what is your unique selling proposition (USP)”. Although I have been surprised from time to time I have more often than not found people struggling with the answer – I think for most businesses they don’t offer a unique product or service and if pushed would suggest that their competitors often provide similar services.

However as we get to know the people and the business better the answers often begin to emerge, most clients provide a uniqueness through the way they do business, this may be the individual nature of the business, the personality, the after sales care or the service support.

To illustrate my point we work with one company that provides travel services to corporate institutions, now on the face of this it would appear to be a sterile provision of tickets and rail passes however during one conversation it came to light that one of the partners had been in the office all weekend because one of the individual customers from a corporate had ran into difficulties during a business trip, without going into too much detail our client went to extraordinary lengths to help this passenger get home safely with the minimum of fuss.

When questioned if they told anyone about this commitment to service they looked puzzled and said “it has always been the way we work” however they failed to promote their business service through differentiation around service support and commitment.

The lesson is to think about your business, not just what kind of business you are in or what services you provide but also how you do it, what makes you different, why you win business and what would your clients say about you – in my experience the answers you get will help you to successfully market your company in the future.


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