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Ads of Week

Today is Friday 8th October, which means Christmas is fast approaching and we'll soon need to start digging out our 'all time favourite festive ads'.

But, unlike most supermarkets, which are already rolling out their Christmas ranges, we'll keep those ads until a week or so before Christmas...and not 3 months before! (I couldn't believe it when I saw Christmas wrapping paper the other day!)

In the meantime, we'll stick with our interesting and creative themes.

To this week's ads...

Sayings like 'the simplest answer is the best answer' and 'less is more' get thrown around so much these days, and more often than not, they're very true. Today's ads epitomise those very sayings, and all deliver their messages quickly and effectively.

My favourite has to be the Hut Weber advert, which demonstrates how something as simple as a hat can make all the difference! It's brilliant...much like my second favourite ad, for Lego.

As always, let us know your favourite adverts and thoughts by posting in the comments box below. Have a great weekend...should I be starting my Christmas shopping yet?!

Hut Weber Hat

Strapline: It's the Hat


Strapline: Live Young


Strapline: Children of addicts are 4x more likely to become addicts

Music and Gastro

Strapline: Music & Gastronomy


Strapline: Ultra-sensitive toothbrushes


Strapline: Disconnect for a while. Read a book


Strapline: Imagine


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