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Here at Zulu we like facts, like 'We're great at design…fact' or 'You can't lick your own elbow', but Science World in an attempt to encourage people to broaden their knowledge of science have kicked fact finding into a whole new world.

By the end of this we guarantee you will have learnt something new, and probably got a little bit creeped out at the same time :) Bear in mind the key to any advert is make the reader remember the product or service and this is where these are a brilliant example of exactly how it's done.

The ad we posted earlier this week on Google + was a particular hook for us, you almost read it and gulp at the same time. The Gold poster is just fantastic, especially as it's real and required 24 hr security and I think the Cat Pee is great, although you would need to see it a both times of the day to get the most impact. But my favourite this week has got to be the Balloon, it just delivers the fact brilliantly and you can just see all these kids wandering around holding these balloons. So what have you learnt today?

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