Paradise Birmingham - A Changing City

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As a Birmingham design agency, throughout our huge range of blogs, one consistent element is our advocacy of Birmingham design and how the second capital should receive more credit for it’s creative abilities and shed the perception of an industrial, slightly run down city, with not much to offer when compared to the likes of Manchester or Nottingham. 

Birmingham has undergone many changes over the last 20 years, with the new Bull Ring shopping centre, a new library, new train station and this year Europe’s biggest John Lewis. And the city isn’t resting on it’s laurels with the new redevelopment of the Paradise Forum, an area bolted onto the bottom of the old library (which has become a marmite conversation in it’s own right). The new planned developments won’t be fully completed until 2025, but you will understand why it’s 10 years off completion when you see what’s planned. It will open and connect far better the top end of the town linking directly into Brindley Place, with it’s own Metro station, new hotels, restaurants, office buildings and outdoor green areas.

The video below gives you a virtual tour of the development and really gives you a sense of the environment. 

You can find out more by visiting the Paradise Birmingham Website

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