Our approach to social media


Zulu has offered digital marketing services since the company was formed almost a decade ago, and over that time, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge relating to techniques such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Email Marketing and more recently, Social Media Management. We have implemented those techniques successfully, for a number of our clients as well as through our own internal web strategy, which in itself, is a testimony to the approach and the confidence we have in it.

We are of the firm belief that each Internet Marketing Channel has it’s own value, and quite often, an integrated strategy which combines any number of the techniques provides the greatest return on investment, as complementary channels are able to inform each other (e.g. PPC informs SEO, as does our particular social media approach).

Social media does however, offer something, which no other channel can. Much of what falls under the social media banner is considered ‘real-time’, meaning it’s a particularly fast-moving medium, which requires a structured plan and a great deal of management. It’s proven to be an important customer service channel, giving companies the ability to respond to praise and more importantly, criticisms, before they ‘get out of hand’ and have a negative impact on the brand.

Our approach not only encompasses customer service feedback (managing and prompting our clients to respond to issues should they need to), but also, encourages them to actively seek new business and consumer engagement. ‘Content is King’ in the SEO field, and we believe that this also translates to the social media arena. The Zulu social media strategy is based around the frequent publication of fresh and interesting content, which is usually delivered through a combination of ‘current’ and ‘timeless’ news and/or blog articles. A steady stream of scheduled tweets for example, encourages followers to click-through to a client’s website in order to read more about a particular (and relevant) theme – meaning there is often no ‘hard-sell’, but instead, our clients are given the opportunity to showcase their wealth of knowledge of a particular field and become a largely respected authority within it. Of course, deals and offers (which are a little more direct in their purpose) can be seamlessly integrated into the strategy at any time.

We’ve extensive evidence that this approach has a positive impact on website visits, follower/fan totals and levels of engagement.

As will be clear by now, many of our campaigns typically revolve around Twitter. Twitter is a versatile platform, which allows us to penetrate into other channels (such as Facebook and LinkedIn) from a single entry point. Our data and research has highlighted the key times of the day when individuals choose to log into each of their accounts, and equipped with this information, we make every effort to ensure that interesting content is delivered to them during these times. It is this degree of detail and strategic understanding that separates Zulu from the rest of the market.

Zulu is also experienced in creating other social media collateral, including Facebook landing pages/applications – the importance of which should not be overlooked. Huge organisations such as Starbucks owe a great deal to Facebook for providing them with a platform from which they have launched a series of successful campaigns.

Our aim is to increase engagement with existing and potential clients, through a series of social media channels, in order to generate an increasing number of enquiries.

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