Now Thats What I Call Funny Ads 1

Ads of Week

As apparently the entire UK is now in a deep depression, not from the current state of the UK economy, but because there is no more Olympic Sport on the TV, I thought it might be an idea to have a slightly chirpy ads this week. So this weeks Ads of the Week is a cool little top ten collection of funny ads.

There is a bit for everyone here, if you have a rather dead pan sense of humour then I can recommend the funeral parlour advert, short and rather bluntly to the point. If you are an avid cat video viewer on your preferred social media channel then the 3M Lint Roller will appeal, or you're in a loving relationship then the Colgate advert is ideal, but I love travel and so my personal favourite this week is Air Asia. Although the Battlesheep from Google is a close second. Which one tickles your fancy the most? Let me know in the comments box. Have a great weekend, if you are going out, take a brolly! 

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